Get Ready Guide

Please gather the following information so you’re able to complete the Preparation Page. 

The Preparation Page will guide you through a series of questions. Having the following information readily available will ensure you can provide us with everything we need to build your site. 

Let’s get started! 


  • Information about your current website and domain (if you have them) which includes:
    • URL
    • Administrative account username & password
    • Web Host username & password 
    • (S)FTP Server / Host, Port, Username, Password
    • Domain Registrar or DNS Host
    • The company where you registered your domain name, or where your DNS records are hosted, if not at your registrar
    • Registrar or DNS Host Login URL, Registrar or DNS Host Username, Password
  • Be prepared to explain what you envision your ideal website would look like
  • Logo (the highest quality copy of your logo that you have; vector format preferred)
  • Branding (slogans, taglines, colors, etc.)
  • Home Page Images (up to 5 images – highest quality you have)
  • Content for Home and Contact Page (e.g. – text, images, contact email, contact phone number, etc.)
  • Content for up to 3 additional Pages (text, images, etc.)
  • Links, logins, or access to connect associated accounts (social media, email marketing, google analytics, etc.)

Once you have all the above information ready, fill out the form on the Preparation Page. Once the Preparation Page is complete, we will have all the information needed to build your site!